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Wheel Balancers

If your truck's tire/wheel assemblies were actually balanced, the benefits are:

  • No Tire Cupping.

This occurs because the imbalance doesn't allow the tire to roll smoothly on the road.  The imbalanced tire is making little hops as it tries to roll, getting slapped against the pavement so the tire is losing more rubber in one small area.  This is why balanced tires last so much longer.  They lose less rubber to go the same distance; they aren't getting chewed up.  (This has nothing to do with alignment.  Tires that are perfectly aligned can still be out of balance.)

Wheel balancers can correct minor cupping, but with severe cupping, the tire will have to be replaced.

  • No cargo damage from the constant vibrations.

There is tremendous shaking from 18 wheels that are all off balance.  Some types of cargo are sensitive to the high frequency vibrations.  Even livestock.

  • Less driver fatigue.

All that shaking is not good for the driver either.  It's hard on the spine, the hips and makes driving much harder than it needs to be.  Yes, your truck really can drive as smooth as a Cadillac.

  • Less wear and tear on all the suspension components.

Everything connected to the tire / wheel assemblies lasts longer when its not being shaken up so much.

  • The best benefit:  The tires will last so long, you'll say, "Wow, I wish I'd bought these years ago!"

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