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  • NATMA Tire Sealant for Trucks
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  • This truck tire had to be inflated before every service run.  There was plenty of tread left but they couldn't find the leak and were about to scrap it when they installed NATMA TPS500 tire sealant.  Another happy customer and a tire spared from the landfill.

Tire Protect and Seal: On Road 500 Blue

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Product Description

This is the best over the road tire sealant on the market!

For 10% of the average cost of a new tire, you can now enjoy at least 20% more tire life and at leat 5% fuel savings using our road tire sealant.  This product is for use on vehicles that often drive in excess of 55 mph and weigh more than 3.5 tons. Our new generation formulation promotes proper tire inflation and protection against rust and wheel auto-balancing.


NATMA discovered this effective product, which is made in Europe and used there, in Australia and Asia since 1999. Now, it is available for you to purchase here in the U.S.

What is it?

It's a proprietary blend of ingredients that is designed to have just the right viscosity to allow flow inside a high pressure commercial tire while at the same time keeping sealant on the underside of the tread area.  (There is no way to get sealant on the sidewall - we blame the laws of physics).

Water based - No volatile compounds - washes out with water, no chemical cleaners needed.  Includes a rust inhibitor and anti-freeze.  This product has been lab tested and found to be harmless to rubber.

Non-flammable.  When dismounting the tire, it will not "explode" out into your face. (Yes, people really do ask that. They've had some bad experiences in the past).

Uses rubber crumbs - no fibers that will eventually break, making you add more and more every year or two.

What does it do?

Helps maintain optimum tire pressure for the life of the tire!

Extends the life of the tire - get more years from your tires - they are not cheap!  Underinflation kills tires.

Contact us for a free copy of a study of about 100 trucks that showed 10% reduction in fuel costs and 69% reduction in service calls after installing our tire sealant.

Seals punctures - remove the nail, get the tire moving and the sealant will block the leak path permanently, up to a 1/2 inch diameter.

(Note: if the nail has been in the tire for two weeks, the rubber will lose its ability to go back to its original shape and there will be a hole.  This will need to be plugged).

How easy is it to install?

Very!  A couple of quick measurements of the tire will go into a formula that will tell you how much sealant is needed for that size tire.  The high quality NATMA Tire Sealant pump, TPS250P, attaches to the drum.  A full stroke of the pump delivers 250 mL of sealant through the valve stem - no need to deflate the tire.  So you will know how many pumps go into each tire and exactly how much it costs, to the penny.  Then replace the valve stem and fill with air.

Complete instructions are on the label. You can also call toll-free 1-855-GO-NATMA (466-2862) and speak to a live human being who will answer your questions.

The only issue we've heard from our customers who install this in their shops is if they lose count - was that stroke number 4 or 5?  So keep track!

Will this really last for years?

Yes.  There is no need for additional installations, unlike with other sealants on the market.

Which tires is this best for?

Commercial truck tires.

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